Recyclable Films

In response to environmental concerns PlastoSac has launched a fully recyclable (PE) film to replace non-recyclable alternatives such as BOPP and CPP. This film is available for a wide variety of applications including mono layer and PE/PE lamination. The film has been adapted on a large scale throughout the produce sector, for short shelf life applications and for other longer shelf life foodstuffs where a barrier is not required.

Success in the produce sector has led to the film being developed for barrier, cold seal and other specialist technical applications. This means the film is suitable for other product sectors including, bakery, beverage, dips, sauces and snacks to name a few.

PlastoSac have been working closely with packers, producers, machine manufacturers and retailers to ensure the product is optimised for success.

The film is available on the reel for flow wrap and vertical form fill seal applications or as premade bags and pouches

Please contact us directly for further information.

PlastoSac Recyclable Clear Film Packaging

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