Cookie Policy

At Plastosac we want to give you the best experience we can whilst browsing our website, this is why we use several cookies which improve functionality for you, the user, as well as allow us to analyse our traffic and evolve our site to suit future visits.

So, what is a cookie? A cookie is simply a small, encrypted text file that is stored on each visitor’s device when they use our website. These files will remain on the device for various amounts of time, depending on the use, and will be recognised upon future visits to the site.

The cookies we use on our site are as follows:

  • Google Analytics (_ga, _gid and _gat). This lets us distinguish users of the site. Allowing as the name suggests us to analyse usage and develop trends. Due to us distinguishing users, this also can help speed up loading pages of our website during the same session as less needs to be checked upon new requests
  • Plastosac (Cookie_policy). This is simply a cookie that remembers if a user agrees to other cookies being used on our site. This means once accepted, our cookies message will no longer pop up on future visits to the website.

You can change your browser’s settings so it’ll tell you when cookies get sent to it. Or it can refuse cookies altogether. Check the Help section in your browser for more info.