PlastoSac offer a range of products, all conforming to industry standards. Please contact us for further information.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Film

Designed for use on high speed VFFS packaging machines with excellent puncture resistance and high clarity properties. Easy sealing properties allow multiple packs sizes to be filled at high speed. The film can be printed up to eight colours on OPP, CPP and fully recyclable PE. Other options are available including perforation, punch and anti-mist for MAP and extended shelf life applications.

Flow Wrap

PlastoSac supplies clear, white and printed flow wrap films.  These are available in standard PP material and fully recyclable PE. We supply single layer and laminates in a wide range of gauges for multiple applications.


Lamination combines different film materials to achieve different levels of performance and shelf life. Laminated packaging is perfect for presenting all kinds of foods, beverages and non-foods. PlastoSac laminated films are available in reel format for packaging and lidding applications or as premade bags and pouches. These are suitable for all conditions including freezer, microwave, ovenable and retort.

PlastoSac can offer fully recyclable laminated film. Please contact us for more information.

Centre Fold Sheeting

PlastoSac extrude and print a range of Centre Fold Sheeting (CFS) materials, printed up to
8 colours, for use on high speed packaging machines. CFS is used for a number of different applications within the Fresh Produce, Horticultural and Industrial markets. We can also provide bespoke CFS for other specific markets and applications according to our customers’ requirements.

Bulk Film Bags

These are available for bulk and industrial applications. We offer a variety of styles and bespoke solutions – plain and printed. We produce a wide range of products including security bags, heavy duty bags, produce bags, high barrier bags, industrial bags, pet food bags, courier envelopes, shrink films and stretch hoods.

Doy Pack

The Doy Pack is a truly convenient and popular choice of packaging for multiple food and non-food applications. The pack offers complete flexibility to contain, preserve and promote your products. We offer a full range of materials from simple mono film structures, shelf stable barrier laminates and fully retortable films. These are available with a full range of closures and can be printed HD Flexo and / or Gravure. Stand Up Pouch offers maximum potential for brand shelf appeal. Recyclable alternatives are available.

Giro Band

Is used widely with net packaging. PlastoSac supply a wide range of mono and laminated films – printed to a high standard for maximum shelf appeal.

In response to environmental concerns recyclable alternatives are available.


PlastoSac supply a wide range of lidding film materials sealable to APET, RPET, PET, PP or PE lined trays and punnets. Our films are available for use with fresh produce, ready meals and microwaveable foods.

Long Life Liners

PlastoSac offer a full range of MAP films and MAP liners. These are predominantly used for extending the shelf life of fresh produce over prolonged periods.

Release Films

As part of our industrial offering, PlastoSac supply release films and low melt bags for the rubber and tyre industries. These work in a broad range of rubber calendering and extrusion applications.

Wicketed Bags

Our Wicketed bags are produced for fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual packing operations. Our bags are manufactured in various sizes and gauge. We can supply plain or printed material with or without bottom gusset and perforations depending on application. Other design options are available on request


Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) or Retail Ready Packaging from PlastoSac is designed to utilise shelf space to the maximum, ensuring your stock is easily available and visible to the retail customer. A wide range of board, prints and styles are available.


PlastoSac are a leading supplier of corrugated cardboard trays to the produce and food sector. These are available in standard footprint or bespoke measurements depending on the application. The trays are supplied in a blank flat format and can be assembled by hand or across automatic packaging lines. Multiple flute combinations and high-quality print finishes are available. 100% recyclable and manufactured from renewable sources

PlastoSac tray assemblers are available as part of a packaging supply agreement

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